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  • This website. Duh.
  • Apothecary kit (e-cig case for mixing flavors)
    • Make a 50s style charger for ecigs
  • ELF-A Railgun project
  • Make new hilt for $12 sword. Maybe out of something exotic like palm wood or lace wood. ←- use some drift wood recovered from parkwood lake.
  • Butter knife to lock pick set
    • Delayed – the butter knives seem too thick to use as picks. The tips must be thinned to be effective
  • Make a bow (archery)
    • Completed! Turned out very well. Currently working on a couple different take-down bows.
    • Need to create a page and upload pictures for the completed flatbow
    • Need to create a page for the takedown bow made from skis
  • Make laminate bench
    • Delayed indefinitely–we got swapped out dining room tables
  • Refurb the x30. (glue together broken plastic bits, fill in missing spots with epoxy putty, new battery)
    • Delayed indefinitely–I revived my C30-based netbook
  • Throwing darts. Make throwing darts (to be used in lieu of throwing knives)
  • Electric windmill (ceiling fan → windmill project)
    • Delayed due to cost, parts, and fabrication difficulties
    • Intial phase “complete” – single thread primefinder is extremely fast


This is, of course, perpetually out of date. I'm pushing things onto this list from the top. So older, less active stuff is more towards the bottom.

  • Setup counter measures against cracker bots for this site.
  • Play with Alpine Linux
    • Write a package convert to convert arch PKGBUILDs to alpine's system
    • clone arch's PKGBUILD tree
  • Setup compute/compile farm
    • For running john / aircrack-ng as well as building packages.
  • South Durham Modern Arnis
    • Scout more locations
    • Website Mockup?
    • Student Recruitment
    • Legal Disclaimers / paperwork
  • Relearn Matrix Math (via Khan Academy)
  • I have been very strongly focusing on my FMA because I'm training to get into UWM
  • ebindkeys 2.0 (adding command line parsing, better error messages, more robust event processing, enable key trapping and passing )


  • Migrate VPS to Alpine Linux
  • Setup PXE / pxe boot image to make spinning up compute nodes fast and easy.


Once I buy and assemble a Shapeoko 2 X-carve, here's some things I'd like to make/mill.

  • Rails for ELF-A
  • Speaker covers and control panel for entertainment computer
  • Mill port holes for an R-Pi into a 2-gang steel electrical box (after a good coating of bondo)
  • chess set
  • Stirling Engine
  • Hybrid Gauss / Light Gas gun

Wish List

Pending non-essential purchases for various projects


  • scrap wood (for various projects including the laminate bench and bow)
    • (Check scrap exchange and ReStore)
  • Rasp (for making a bow) purchased
  • Vice grip (to assist construction of butter knife lock pick set)
  • some big clamps for the laminate bench
  • New Pocket knife (crkt)
  • Neodymium magnets for ceiling fan → windmill project.
  • Used external flashes (for harvesting capacitors) While I suppose I could always use more, right now I have plenty
  • Linux VPS BOUGHT (and running this site)
  • Bus Pirate BOUGHT
  • Good Multimeter BOUGHT (though not this exact model)


Wishlist for the yet-to-be-built workshop.

Once the workshop is built and I've gathered some of the tools needed, I'd like to stock up on raw materials (wood, metal, plastic) from The Scrap Exchange and Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Todo List

Basically a bunch of stuff I intend to start or need to finish