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 +====== REASH ======
 +===== Rationalism =====
 +I am a rationalist. Rationalism is an epistemological theory "in which the criterion of the truth is not sensory but intellectual and deductive"​ (Bourke 263). That is to say, knowledge (truth) is deducible. It can be obtained through applied infallible laws. Much like if a straight stick is 180° and you cross it with another straight 180° stick, the angles formed opposite one another must be equal. If P then Q. P. Therefore, Q. They are Laws. They are by definition never incorrect. ​
 +If I over simplify a bit, and explain rationalism as only believing something when given a valid reason to believe it. Outside the confines of the mind, what makes a valid reason? Evidence. Repeatable, independently confirmed evidence. Basing beliefs (what you think to be true) on evidence is a special form of rationalism known as Empiricism.
 +===== Empiricism =====
 +I am an empiricist. I believe things based on the evidence available. Because there is no other way to repeatedly and unbiasedly seek the truth.
 +===== Atheism =====
 +===== Secular Humanism =====
 +====== Sources ======
 +Bourke, Vernon J. (1962), "​Rationalism",​ p. 263 in Runes (1962).