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 +====== Hacking the Tivo Series 2 ======
 +I bought a Tivo Series 2 a while ago in the hopes of hacking it. I didn't find much information on it so I set it aside. After getting my usb-to-uart bridge and some jumpers I soldered pins to it's uart pin holes and got nothing, but now I'm reading about it and it seems I can hack the OS on the hard drive itself. I may just end up replacing the entire OS. My goal is to use the system as a dumb terminal or possibly as a HTPC front end, given its nice composite output, but the fact that any network connections will have to be over USB may be too great of bottleneck.
 +===== Update =====
 +I threw out my Tivo Series 2. Either something was wrong with the hard drive or I'm just retarded. I could not mount the hard drive and after much fussing and poking and prodding, I gave up on the beast and threw it out. If I come across another series 2 for $10 or less I'll pick it up (most I've seen are $20 or $25).
 +====== References ======
 +  * Tivo hacking info: http://​www.techstorm.net/​tivo/​hackseries2.html
 +  * Info on bootpage: http://​www.gratisoft.us/​tivo/​bootpage.html