At Last We Meet

Another decade, another website rewrite. Only the finest trends will serve1. Go. Webserver microservice. Markdown. Content managed through git. It does feel good to move away from PHP. And to be using something I wrote myself.

I feel the need to document and share the things I work on, even if I’m bad at documenting and no one’s interested. So I make websites, and now, videos.

The Name

You may be wondering why the domain name is vay8. I’ve owned for many years now and have explained the origin a few times, but why not once more? It comes from two things really, a video game and an anime show. The game is Forsaken, the show is Gundam Wing. In Forsaken, the VA-8 is a sunken submarine. In Gundam, the Vayeate was a prototype mobile suit that first tested the technology later used in the mobile dolls. In the end, I just like the name.

  1. Get it? Serve? Because this is a webserver?