A 30-something maker of middling skill and intellect. Proud owner of several wrong opinions. Programmer by profession. Happless cog in the great clockwork of IT industry. Skilled crafter of sentence fragments.

I like software (linux, go, tcl, C) and hardware (MSP430, embedded linux devices). 3D modeling parts for 3D printing is 3D fun.

Find me on GitHub and Thingiverse.

Approximately1 150 250 lines of Go code drive this website. The standard lib http server serves up the pages and the only non-standard packages are used for mardown-to-HTML conversion and the excellent chi-router package for easier management of routes and middleware. Some data is pulled from the markdown pages like tags and the first header is used as the page title. The pages are stored as simple text files on disk, edited via my regular editor micro and version control is through git. It’s pretty basic and rudimentary. But it’s also direct and powerful.

Pages are dynamically generated from templates and markdown files on every page load. This is excessive and uncessary, but the generation and render is so fast I don’t see the need to cache anything. Aside from the html that’s generated from markdown, all the html and css is handwritten. The only javascript used is a little syntax highlighting package for automagically coloring code blocks. Every page load should be lightning fast and render well. should look great in commandline browsers like elinks.

When I’m happy with my code and it’s fully-document2 I’ll publish the code to github.

Rule of Three

Gotta have three headings. It’s the rule.

  1. Did you know some people think approximately means ‘exactly’? I thought this was a one-off fluke; one random person was confused, but multiple times now I’ve encountered people and have heard second hand of people confusing approximately for exactly. Weird, eh?
  2. So, never.