Matthew Hiles

Linux wielding, Go writing programmer with a pedigree in Enterprise Storage

Professional Experience


None. In fact, I’m illiterate.

Buzz Word Bingo

Organized in order of strength and buzz-worthiness.

  1. You may or may not be surprised at how deeply employed bash is and how powerful it is (insert joke about writing a web browser in bash: Just type ‘firefox’ and bam, browser!). But seriously, I wrote an IRC chat bot in bash that would randomly google chat messages and then reply with a whole sentence found in the google search results.
  2. Yes, I can handle python just fine. Anyone with two neurons to rub together can write python. I don’t like writing python as I finding it unbearably unintersting. I don’t have a ton of experience with it because I avoid it whereever possible.
  3. It seems dumb to put SSH as a skill, but I have had many gainfully employed peers and techleads who barely know how to smash together an ssh command to get into another host. Nevermind key-management, port forwarding, configuring your client to actually be helpful, or advanced usage like using ssh for VPN.