ebindkeys for Zipit

UPDATE2: I have rewritten ebindkeys and created a new page for it (both general linux and zipit specific).

UPDATE: Mozzwald has put modified ebindkeys source on github. He's added a few improvements specific to the zipit. The source on this page can be compiled to run on any linux system pretty much, but you'll have to look up key codes yourself.

ebindkeys-zipit lets you bind a key or key-combo to a command. It uses the kernel's input event interface.

Some good examples of its use are using a button (like the options button) to toggle the brightness level or binding the play and stop buttons to mpc commands for controlling mpd.

I've also provided along with the source code a statically compiled version (which should theoretically work on any zipit, as long as it supports the input event interface) and a dynamically linked version for z2sid.

It is very important to note that this does not in any way trap input. If you bind a command to the m key, your command will be ran everytime m is pressed, but an m will also be sent to whatever program is currently in the foreground (be it an X program or a console program).

Thus this program is best used for buttons that have not been mapped to a character, such as shift, alt, options and home. You can also remove the play and stop buttons from your keymap since they are (on z2sid, at least) redudnantly used for ] and [.



Out of Date

z2sid compiled binary: ebindkeys.gz

static binary: ebindkeys-static.gz


Unpack the tarball, change into the directory created and run make. Dependecies are gcc and a libc of somesort.


Copy the ebindkeys binary to any directory you, preferably one in your path. Copy the ebindkeysrc.sample to /root/.ebindkeysrc and edit it to your liking.

Somewhere in your startup scripts, call ebindkeys; it will fork to the background automatically.

Alternatively you can copy ebindkeysrc.sample to /etc/ebindkeys.conf and then launch ebindkeys like so:

ebindkeys -f /etc/ebindkeys.conf

Command Line Options

ebindkeys is still pretty feature light, so there are not a lot of options.

Argument Description
-r Enables reporting. Shows when a key is pressed and released
-d Do not fork. Probably best used in combination with -r or to make sure you're seeing any error messages you might otherwise be missing
-f <config file> Specifies an alternative config file. Default is ~/.ebindkeysrc

Configuration File

The configuration file should be easy enough to figure out from the examples. The most important line is

dev = /dev/input/eventX

where X is a number. On z2sid the event device you want to use is number 0, which is already set in all the sample config files.

To bind a key to a single button:

# home toggles headphone mute  
    action = "amixer sset Headphone toggle"
    keys = {0x66}

Note that commenting works like in shell scripts, a hash denotes comment.

To bind a key combo:

# home+m toggles headphone mute 
    action = "amixer sset Headphone toggle"
    keys = {0x66,0x32}

Currently, key press order doesn't matter. That is not ideal and will probably be changed in the future.

The binds can be toggled on and off if you add a sepecial event:

# toggle events
    action = "TOGGLE"
    keys = {0x01}

When you press the key assocaited with the action “TOGGLE” all key presses will be ignored except TOGGLE, which will reenable the other events.

Feature Wish List

  • Multiple Event device nodes
  • Key order importance
  • Toggling (DONE)

Key Mappings for Zipit

This is a key mapping I obtained using ./ebindkeys -r -d -f ebindkeysrc.sample on z2sid.


Key Scancode
emote (smilely face) 0x01
options 0x165
home 0x66
Prev 0x68
Next 0x6d
[Z] 0x0F
[play] 0xC8
[stop] 0xa6


Key Scancode
left 0x69
up 0x67
right 0x6a
down 0x6c
center 0x6b

Row 1

Key Scancode
q 0x10
w 0x11
e 0x12
r 0x13
t 0x14
y 0x15
u 0x16
i 0x17
o 0x18
p 0x19

Row 2

Key Scancode
a 0x1e
s 0x1f
d 0x20
f 0x21
g 0x22
h 0x23
j 0x24
k 0x25
l 0x26
backspace 0x0E

Row 3

Key Scancode
z 0x2c
x 0x2d
c 0x2e
v 0x2f
b 0x30
n 0x31
m 0x32
; 0x27
enter 0x1c

Row 4

Key Scancode
alt 0x38
shift 0x2a
space 0x39
, 0x33
. 0x34

Volume Buttons

volume - 0x4a
volume + 0x4e

Suggestions, Bugs, Requests

Please use the comments section to add any suggestions, bugs, or requests. UPDATE: A spam bot has been murdering the comments on this page, so I've disabled comments.