I Think Therefore I'm Dangerous is the motto of VAY8 Engineering. We here at VAY8 believe knowledge should be freely shared, that knowledge is power, and that France is Bacon. On this site you will find various research and experimental projects and in some cases even projects done purely for aesthetics's sake ('art' if you will).

The more important, bigger, and current projects are linked to from the sidebar. Ebindkeys is probably the most widely used software available on this site as well as quite possibly the most practical and useful. Though third parties have expressed interest in killdisk and OSK.

This site mostly is for documenting adventures in hacking. Think of this wiki as a digital notebook. Making it public and writing it in a “for the audience” mindset results in much higher quality notes. While the site is a public wiki–available for public consumption–it is not an 'open' wiki. That is to say, only VAY8 Engineers can contribute content.

Seeing as the only resident engineer is me, Matthew “Zashi” Hiles, I suppose you could say this is my site.

Recent Updates


Here's a slightly longer list than the sidebar, but not quite everything. Check the Projects page and the sitemap for larger lists.

The Name

What's with the t-shirt-esque website name? you might find yourself asking. My father-in-law gave me a pin for Chanukah that reads “I think therefore I'm dangerous.” It struck me as particularly amusing since I'm (a) secular humanist, and (b) a nerd and find bastardizing Descartes as particularly amusing. I put it on my netbook bag's strap and made the connection between the cute quote and hacking. Hackers think about doing things they're not necessarily supposed to do. The goal is often to gain knowledge through playing around with… anything. The most common thing I've used this website for is sharing info I've gained via hacking, thus I applied the name here.

You may be wondering why the domain name is vay8. I've owned vay8.net for around 6 years now and have explained the origin a few times, but why not once more? It comes from two things really, a video game and an anime show. The game is Forsaken, the show is Gundam Wing. In Forsaken, the VA-8 is a sunken submarine. In Gundam, the VAY8 was a prototype mobile suit that first tested the technology later used in the mobile dolls. In the end, I just like the name.