Filipino Martial Arts is the umbrella term for all the various indigenous martial arts style found in the Philippine Islands.

I personally study Modern Arnis and Silat. This page is not an exhaustive or authoritative list of either Art, but rather an incomplete listing of my personal knowledge base.

Modern Arnis


  • Stepping
    • Step-through
    • Shuffle
    • Slide

Single Stick

  • Striking Styles
    • Downward Figure Eight
    • Upward Figure Eight
    • Rampida
    • Abanico Largo
    • Abanico Corto
    • Harada
    • Double Zeroes
    • Banda y banda
    • Up and Down (Baba Taaas)
  • Striking Types
    • Static
    • Flow Through
    • Pull-Back
    • Pull-back Flow Through
  • Blocking Styles
    • Static
    • Brush
  • Tapi-Tapi
  • Disarms
  • Zeroes drill

Double Stick

  • Single Sinawali
    • Cob Cob
  • Double Sinawali
    • Lasso
    • Reverse
    • Strike-the-Ground
    • with Abanico
  • Rodonda


  • 12 Strikes attack and defense
  • Staff Vs Double sticks drill

Empty Hand

  • Trapping Hands
  • Side-by throw
  • Arm Bar
  • Extended Arm Bar
  • Spinning Throw
  • Diving Throw
  • Finger Locks



Empty Hand



uwm.tv is seeking to develop gladiatorial style combat that relies on high-tech armor to empirically judge matches. While not a perfect system, I am keen to participate. It seems like a fun and safe way to compete. It has given me a goal to work towards, something I've never had before. The limited rule sets (for safety's sake) and difficult-to-impossible judging of other competitive systems discouraged me from trying to compete. I believe the technology employed by UWM means I can compete in the way I want without undue risk and in a fair and accurate way.

Road to UWM

AKA the Todo list.

Task Status
Submit Application Pending Response
Buy weighted vest Pending
Buy Gambeson Pending
Get Traveler's Insurance Pending
Buy Plane Tickets Pending

If accepted:

  • Daily or bi-daily workouts
  • Weekly SDMA classes (eat the costs, if you must)
  • Weekly TSG Sparring
  • Wear weights as much as possible (but allow time to heal/recuperate)

And in the more likely scenario of not being accepted, I get to not do all of the above which is almost as good as living out your dreams.


The Three Pillars


Purpose: Develop and maintain flexibility and balance

  • Lian Gong
  • Yoga


Purpose: Develop and maintain strength and stamina

  • Cardio - stamina
    • Running/Sprinting (yes, running)
    • Heavy Bag
    • Free-form twirling
    • Shadow Boxing
    • Empty/Stick work with striking dummy
  • Body Resistance - strength
    • Push Ups
    • Pull Ups
    • Sit Ups
    • Lifts
  • Diet


Purpose: Develop and maintain instinctual reactions, timing, and form.

  • Forms - technique, pacing, clarity of mind
  • Attack Styles - weapon technique
  • Sparring


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

You get out what you put in.

Every second is a moment to condition oneself. Every moment is an opportunity to train.

Mental Checklist

  • Relax your shoulders
  • Bend your knees
  • Stay low
  • Breathe in; Breath out
  • Hands up
  • Keep moving
  • Soft focus; Centered focus
  • Relax the body; maintain energy
  • Shoulders centered; maintain center of balance over and between hips and legs.
  • Firm but unclenched grip on weapon
  • Be like water; crash with drowning force when attacking; flow out of the way when defending
  • Return to center; hands; weapons, body.

Sparring Journal

I have begun sparring with anyone I can get to spar with me. My preference is to spar with as many varied people as possible–both in skill and technique.

I am chronicling these sparring sessions in my Sparring Journal.