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Axium is a project to create an SDL based Xserver. Code is based on either tightvnc's server or Xvfb's code.

Update: Wayland and Weston have made this project pointless :)


SDL provides a way to code for a multi platform, hardware independent X server and can even be ran within an exist Xserver.

The idea is to eliminate as many visual interfaces as possible. Similar to tiling window mangers, axium aims to get out of the way of the programs running.

Integrated into Axium is a window manager and a terminal. The terminal is the focus of axium and all aspects of axium are controllable through the terminal.

The show-terminal key brings up a translucent terminal. The show-mini-terminal key brings up a 25% to 15% of full-height translucent terminal that hovers over the application. The mouse is supported, but mouse clicks can be sent via the terminal.

The Name

AXIUM - the prefix a like in atypical, XI for X Installation. Or something. I dunno, I just like the name.