My wife expressed interest in obtaining a run-down rustbucket bike and restoring it.

We both agree that Honda CBs of the 1970s vintage are beautiful and this sounds like a fun and challenge project.

Restoration Plan

Here's the game-plan for restoring this motorcycle. More details will be filled out as details are determined.


First, we will completely disassemble the motorcycle per the shop / parts manual.

The motorcycle we are looking at has a stuck engine. Some extra effort may go into getting it apart. Hopefully no pistons exploded or melted.


The individual parts will be cleaned. Broken or damaged parts will be identified. The frame and engine will be wiped down, an angle grinder will be used to remove rust and any grit that does not come off using solvents.

Purchase & Replace Parts

Parts identified as broken or damaged will be replaced. Gaskets (and any hoses) will be replaced. There are several missing parts that will need to be purchased.

Reassembly and diagnosis

Once everything is clean and broken parts replaced, we'll reassemble everything. It may or may not start. If it starts, we'll move on to aesthetic elements. If not, we'll begin troubleshooting and fix/replace parts as needed.


Assuming the gas tank and side panels are not in good condition, we'll sand them down to the metal, fill any dings with bondo, sand it smooth, prime it, sand it, paint it, sand it, paint it, sand it, seal it, sand it, seal it, and finally finishing sand it.


While we have a decent collection of tools we are not fully stocked with what will be required. As of right now I clearly see the need for an angle grinder. Depending on the damage and repair required we may need a welder. Both the angle grinder and welder will require accessories.

  • Air Compressor (to drive sand blaster and paint gun)
  • Sand Blaster
  • Paint Gun