House on Euclid

Things to do to get our crap shack ready for sale.

Before Listing


  • Have Norra come do a walk through pre clean and electric
  • Hire cleaning company to come do a deep clean BEFORE doing home repairs
  • Hire Aaron to FIND all electrical issues
  • Have Norra come do a walk through post clean and electric


  • Bathroom
    • Mud hole by tub
    • Recaulk tub vinyl
    • Scrap paint peels from ceiling
    • NO MORE Purchase and install new light fixture
    • Tighten towel bar, hook, toilet paper roll
    • Install new switch plate
    • Touch up paint throughout
  • Kitchen
    • Put in thresholds
    • Paint molding near fridge
    • Patch holes from cookbook shelf
    • NO MORE Install backsplash
    • NO MORE Install handles and drawer pulls (x8)
    • Run oven self clean
    • 1/4 round at post
    • Touch up paint
  • Dining Room
    • Paint molding at bar
    • NO MORE Replace molding under window
    • NO MORE Paint molding under window
    • Remove hooks from bar
    • Patch holes
    • Touch up paint
  • Living Room
    • Patch TV holes
    • Touch up living room paint
    • Install molding under window
  • Master Bedroom
    • Repair drywall behind armoir
    • Repair drywall from extension cord
    • Switch plate behind armoir
    • Replace broken receptacle
    • Remove metal shelf brackets
    • Remove guitar hanger
    • Remove ceiling hooks
    • Patch holes at shelves and headboard
    • Touch up paint @ walls and baseboard
  • Small Bedroom
    • Put door back on closet
    • Remove metal shelf brackets
    • Remove hook in ceiling
    • Patch wall holes
    • Touch up paint
    • Remove paint on floors
  • Hallway
    • Mud and paint around smoke detector and thermostat
    • Put door back on linen closet
    • NO MORE Touch up pantry
    • Put bookshelf in pantry
    • Paint baseboard at fridge
    • Vacuum air intake vents
    • Put shelves back in linen closet
    • Finish inside of pantry


  • Re-rock tree circle
  • Re-rock mail box
  • Plant something durable and pretty around mailbox
  • Hack down rose bushes
  • Potted plants at front door and in front of window/patio
  • NO MORE Re-paint shed door (hopefully JUST door)
  • NO MORE Paint shutters
  • NO MORE Buy new front door; install and paint
  • NO MORE Pressure wash door jamb; fill and paint
  • Spray for wees @ cracks in cement front/back patios
  • Pressure wash driveway, under carport, back patio, front patio
  • Rip out old plants from boxes
  • Mulch boxes
  • Have Tony come mow
  • Scrape and paint front door
  • Hire TROSA for biweekly maitenance


  • Wall putty
  • Yellow mesh tape
  • Putty blade (half circle)
  • Silicone caulk
  • Caulking gun
  • Edging brush
  • Alcohol
  • Rags
  • Utility knife
  • Utility belt
  • Sanding block (80 grit)
  • Small screw driver (hardware in bathroom)


  • 8 handle pulls
  • Bathroom light fixture
  • Paint for shutters
  • Mulch
  • Some kind of plant for mailbox

STUFF * Create three categories of items * Throw away * Donate * Temple items * [Throw Away] Rent a dumpster from Shamrock; park by carport * Pallets * Outside chairs * Fire pit * Scrap wood (non-projectable) * Shed items? * Tool room items (paint cans, newspapers) * [Donate] Get boxes from B&N * Clothing * Thin out books * Unused kitchen gadgets

After Listing

  • Pray for a speedy sale
  • Do whatever Norra says