Mix Hop

What is mix hip, you ask? Mix hop is what I call a somewhat niche genre of music. The following musicians have produced at least one song that exemplifies mix hop:

  • Ruckus Roboticus
  • The Avalanches
  • Wax Tailor
  • Cut Chemist
  • Lemon Jelly
  • CocoRosie
  • Tao of Groove
  • RJD2

Though I can't think of the specific song, I think the Gorillaz have made a mix hop song or two.

Taxonomically speaking, mix hop is a subset of sampledelia. It is a clearly electronica genre, with heavy influences from hip hop and usually features influences from pop culture of past decades. It usually has a hip hop or groovy beat and features spoken word samples, often from old films or records.

The best example of a nearly-pure Mix Hop artist is Wax Tailor. An excellent example of a mix hop themed album is Rockus Roboticus's Playing with Scratches.