Since I can't just freaking hook up my two external monitors to my laptop (freaking nvidia chipset), I've hacked together a solution.

The solution? A second machine with dual DVI output, vncservers, and Xdmx.


On Laptop

Start real X server and 2 VNC servers.

X :1
vncserver :2
vncserver :3

Start Xdmx.

Xdmx :0 +xinerama -display localhost:1 -display localhost:2 -display localhost:3

Launch DE.

startxfce4 -- :0

On Proxy Display Machine

This is the machine directly connected to the external monitors.

Launch two fullscreen VNC clients on each screen.

vncviewer localhost:2
vncviewer localhost:3

And that should be it. Three displays unified as one and not too much lag between displays since all the X11 communication is local and the remote display stuff is over VNC which is a tad better at over the network display than Xdmx by itself. Using vnc also prevents issues from arising due to loss of network connectivity (I may lose visuals on the monitors, but I will not have any of my programs close/quit and will not have to restart my whole display stack to get stuff running again).