Home Stack


Device Hostname Function
Cable Modem n/a WAN connection
8-Port Gigabit Switch n/a Network backbone, connects all stack devices
Wireless Access Point hydrogen Provides wifi access
Router helium Provides NAT to WAN, DHCP, DNS, dyndns, web caching, ntp, ssh, vpn (ppp over ssh), printing (cups), and (eventually) NIS
NAS Box argon Software linux RAID, serves data via NFS
App Server xenon Runs applications (transmission/torrents, VMs) , shell server)


Router Cable Modem
App Server

Solid lines are Ethernet connections. Dotted line is USB.

Upgrade Plan


  • Swap out HDD (current is dying)
    • Setting up new HDD
    • Port old netscript to systemd (write start and stop scripts and then write systemd service/unit file)
    • Move squid config
    • Enable all the services (cupsd, sshd, dnsmasq, snmp, ntp, squid)
    • move dyndns script
  • Setup mirroring or rsync to argon (nbd, raid1)
  • Re-enable web caching (use tmpfs or )
  • Upgrade RAM
  • Setup NIS


  • Re-install OS (run really old version of arch, pacman udpate will probably break stuff)
  • Install/setup SAMBA
  • Setup NIS


  • Rename to something not as boring as the model name. DONE
  • Update OS
  • Setup NIS
  • Get home mount working for users

Upgrade Plan Part Deux

I'm scrapping my old upgrade plan in lieu of something that compacts all the machines.

  • Migrate all services (i.e. everything on helium) onto argon
  • Add hot-swappable tray to argon
  • Get 2 4tb drives and format them with btrfs (setup compression, dedup, and raid 1). Later a 4th drive can be added and the system migrated to raid 5 once raid 5 is stable for btrfs
  • De-case and re-case WAP and switch into Argon's case
    • Possibly get a PCI or USB card an setup hostapd
    • solder molex connectors to the 12 volt src on the switch and WAP.
    • Build brackets to hold WAP and switch in the lower, empty slots
  • Get a UPS

More details here.