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Generated Mon Dec 26 09:19:11 EST 2016.

Ratings are relative rankings calculated by finding the lower bound of Wilson score confidence interval. A rating value close to 1 means a higher probablity of a stock's price high vs price open hitting or exceeding Calculated Target.

Calculated Target

10 day rolling average for 98th percentile rated stocks, at 80th percentile open vs high:


In other words, there's a 80% chance a stock picked at random from this page will have its price peak this much above its opening price. Today's guarantee (98th percentile): 0.486%

Watched Stocks

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These 16 stocks represent the top 38% of all considered stocks. 2% = 0

Symbol Rating Buy Sell Mass Min Max Mean Median Stdev Open Vs High
$PYPL1) 0.640 14 2 14 0.000% 2.259% 0.614% 0.373% 0.678 0.13%
$MSFT2) 0.530 37 19 112 0.000% 1.934% 0.676% 0.570% 0.611 0.14%
$ACAD3) 0.510 4 0 11 0.862% 4.447% 2.689% 2.643% 1.247 8.51%
$QCOM4) 0.438 3 0 15 0.000% 1.111% 0.515% 0.402% 0.410 0.07%
$AMAT5) 0.376 4 1 9 0.000% 2.350% 0.852% 0.465% 0.815 0.24%
$DNKN6) 0.342 2 0 4 0.000% 1.564% 0.775% 0.737% 0.471 0.76%
$FOSL7) 0.342 2 0 3 0.000% 2.545% 1.395% 1.525% 1.005 3.86%
$SAVE8) 0.342 2 0 7 0.000% 4.920% 1.366% 0.848% 1.560 1.20%
$YHOO9) 0.313 6 4 8 0.000% 2.031% 0.718% 0.475% 0.666 0.91%
$AMBA10) 0.207 1 0 3 0.641% 5.217% 2.101% 1.814% 1.464 2.23%
$CALM11) 0.207 1 0 3 0.237% 3.106% 1.348% 1.338% 0.827 11.59%
$FTNT12) 0.207 1 0 1 0.133% 5.236% 1.200% 0.809% 1.528 2.10%
$TTWO13) 0.207 1 0 1 0.559% 2.290% 1.125% 0.881% 0.647 1.46%
$XIV14) 0.207 1 0 9 0.173% 3.978% 1.450% 1.099% 1.214 0.95%
$BBBY15) 0.188 3 3 12 0.000% 2.283% 1.014% 0.991% 0.732 1.57%
$ACWX16) 0.095 1 1 2 0.076% 0.550% 0.368% 0.422% 0.204 0.35%


  • Cisco's Cash Repatriation: Next Catalyst? https://t.co/wkPpaKV3kx $AAPL $FB $GOOG $GOOGL $ORCL $PYPL $VGT $CSCO
  • #PayPal accuses Paytm of trademark infringement. Read more: https://t.co/FZG5UYAyWx $PYPL
  • RT @It_c0nsulting: Shout out to fintech startups! #PayPal incubator challenge is here. Read more: https://t.co/MMIt5Q3f5T $PYPL
  • Shout out to fintech startups! #PayPal incubator challenge is here. Read more: https://t.co/MMIt5Q3f5T $PYPL
  • Setting up #PayPal is just as easy as using it [How-To]. Read more: https://t.co/sYV0PZzlW0 $PYPL
  • #PayPal Files Complaint About Look, Feel Of Indian Competitor Paytm. Read more: https://t.co/oHN2rH4U17 $PYPL
  • #PayPal chases India's Paytm with copyright suit. Read more: https://t.co/6j4S5arYSD $PYPL
  • #PayPal announces 5th edition of Incubator Challenge . Read more: https://t.co/lhHvI5NiUx $PYPL
  • Fintech Payments: 5 Ways to Get Paid Without #PayPal. Read more: https://t.co/uYFwUY6kb4 $PYPL
  • Thanks to #PayPal confirmed the date of the winter sales Steam. Read more: https://t.co/fgufuCbTMd $PYPL
  • How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on #PayPal. Read more: https://t.co/9ZJJWKSLLW $PYPL
  • Paypal Holdings Inc. $PYPL Shares Sold by Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Inc. https://t.co/nb3fJK07p3
  • Paypal Holdings Inc. $PYPL Rating Increased to Buy at Zacks Investment Research https://t.co/C6shRuPdcf
  • Paypal Holdings Inc. $PYPL Rating Increased to Buy at Zacks Investment Research https://t.co/5MqGXptWJT


  • #Dow #stocks $MSFT Microsoft Daily:-0.49% Weekly:1.51% YTD:16.34% Trend:76 / 100 https://t.co/lYPgBkZPxO
  • #Microsoft Corp. to Post FY2017 Earnings of $3.02 Per Share, Oppenheimer Holdings Forecasts. Read more: https://t.co/6OKpPRBq69 $MSFT
  • 2017 predictions for #Microsoft Dynamics: Branding, leadership, upgrades, SMB partners, and... Read more: https://t.co/0tPSHbT4E5 $MSFT
  • Documentation for Azure Government Services from #Microsoft. Read more: https://t.co/fgarRDXSkx $MSFT
  • Last-Minute Christmas Deals: Apple, Amazon, #Microsoft, Samsung And Others. Read more: https://t.co/xsvWuZKFEV $MSFT
  • #Microsoft aims to solve HoloLens Field of View issue by combining wave guide and lightfiel... Read more: https://t.co/Qf5W7zDk0d $MSFT
  • #Microsoft fixes issue that prevented Bing Ads advertisers using Bing Ads Editor app on iOS. Read more: https://t.co/FkuYuRb5OQ $MSFT
  • New #Microsoft Xbox buyers in the US will now be showered with custom gifts . Read more: https://t.co/pouNwYulHM $MSFT
  • RT @NYSElyDone: Trading Terminology: Short Selling | https://t.co/rcHXXE6JJd | $AAPL $MSFT $EBAY $GOOG $HPQ $IBM $AMZN $TSLA $GPRO $SSY $LE…
  • Trading Terminology: Short Selling | https://t.co/rcHXXE6JJd | $AAPL $MSFT $EBAY $GOOG $HPQ $IBM $AMZN $TSLA $GPRO… https://t.co/HcPPVOiFsK
  • $MSFT $AMZN $XOM $DIS $GM $LMT $AAPL $NFLX $GOOG $GOOGL $VXX $MCD $SBUX $UA $GE $APPL $APPS 75 mil O/S 41mil restri… https://t.co/Z9jjs26xWW
  • $MSFT $AMZN $XOM $GE $GM $LMT $AAPL $NFLX $GOOG $VXX $MCD $SBUX $UA social media tool #squuak #MKAU 34m float… https://t.co/JY9ZPjAF0m
  • #Microsoft Surface Pro 5 rumor roundup: specs, release date, price, more. Read more: https://t.co/X6eGotXLRk $MSFT
  • #Microsoft India HR head Rohit Thakur to join Accenture. Read more: https://t.co/8Rym71Oxyy $MSFT
  • $SNE Sony bids for a piece of the post- ‘Pokemon Go’ mobile games pie:The Asahi Shimbun:朝日新聞デジタル https://t.co/aaTyCrRh3Y $NTDOY $AAPL $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Makes A Statement On The #Future Of #Mobile #Computing ... $msft #4ir #tech https://t.co/CN7YqN4YL6
  • RT @arnabch01: #AI #BigData #HPC t revolutionize #Oncology thanks @Microsoft $MSFT #healthcare #wellness #Cancer #PrecisionMedicine https:/…
  • Vetr Inc. Upgrades #Microsoft Corp. to "Strong-Buy". Read more: https://t.co/iQOhIWicwB $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Take a look back and share your Xbox Live 2016 stats with 'Reign of You'. Read more: https://t.co/elApQzcmHV $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Here is what's new in the Office 365 administration December update. Read more: https://t.co/Cg3JX3ySZw $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Oldie but Goodie: MMS Through the Years. Read more: https://t.co/SVDJLFoFlz $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update Adoption Rate Speeds Forward - Mobile Still Laggin... Read more: https://t.co/EPySKeLoMb $MSFT
  • RT @KevinBCook: 4 Reasons Facebook Will Sustain Its Growth https://t.co/r3leNXxQDB $CRM $EBAY $MSFT Product Pipeline is right way 2 think a…
  • @aommie_SURE แต่ถ้าถามว่าทำไมทวิตเตอร์มันไฮไลต์ให้ มันคิดว่าเป็นชื่อหุ้น เช่น $APPL $GOOG $MSFT ลองกดดู ' ')/
  • 00opty $MSFT using FEB 17 EXPY call .58 strike 63 put .58 @ 61 call 2.24 put 0.08 @ 65 c .04 p 2.18
  • #IBM And The Future Of Blockchain $IBM Also $MSFT https://t.co/AoJS43fPQo
  • RT @petergo99037185: 00opty Save U 2Yrs #research, concentrate on flyers about $50/60 underlying stock price, could be $DJI members ~> $MSF…
  • 00opty Save U 2Yrs #research, concentrate on flyers about $50/60 underlying stock price, could be $DJI members ~> $MSFT, or U pick your own.
  • RT @sgamylee: #Microsoft Seattle's cloud-computing boom is new force driving regional economy. Read more: https://t.co/AgHuauaYTM $MSFT
  • RT @option_snipper: Posted $XLK chart last week. Here's update. BULLISH b/o run on weekly. As I said, TECH RUN is coming! $FB $AAPL $NFLX $…
  • RT @App_sw_: Developing new visualizations and analytics using R: Why #Microsoft Dynamics users should g... Read more: https://t.co/g4V2JOy…
  • Interesting: #voice is the next big platform and #Alexa to own - https://t.co/jzrEOMCYTL $AMZN $AAPL #Siri $MSFT #Cortana $GOOG #AI #NLP
  • #Microsoft Seattle's cloud-computing boom is new force driving regional economy. Read more: https://t.co/AgHuauaYTM $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Digital Playground Teaches Computers How To Learn. Read more: https://t.co/2jYHC2pdNg $MSFT
  • Need a holiday recipe? AllRecipes and #Microsoft Azure cloud have you covered . Read more: https://t.co/A8m45KwVnS $MSFT
  • #Microsoft December Security and Quality Rollups Introduce Problems with the .NET Framework. Read more: https://t.co/7pBGYQU7Iz $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Reveals January's Xbox Live Games With Gold Lineup . Read more: https://t.co/vFULcgL3r3 $MSFT
  • Download a PDF Version of the #Microsoft Intune Documentation. Read more: https://t.co/emU7tYmwns $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Flow now supports MSN Weather, Google Contacts and four new services. Read more: https://t.co/mR7b5mplVR $MSFT
  • NOK: Should You Buy Nokia Corp (ADR) Stock? $NOK $MSFT $ALU $ERIC #stock #mobil… https://t.co/4UdOQVnRSR
  • #Microsoft Photosynth to shut down on February 6, 2017, viewer code released as open source. Read more: https://t.co/IYnruzY2J2 $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Next Xbox: what will Xbox Two be like and when will we see it?. Read more: https://t.co/fHE7bL1rBL $MSFT
  • RT @byCyril: Artificial-Intelligence #Stocks: What to Watch in 2017 and Beyond https://t.co/kTmlstS8jQ #AI $AAPL $MSFT $FB @AndrewTonner @…
  • #Microsoft Five great charging solutions for your Xbox One controllers. Read more: https://t.co/GjBnsRMW8J $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Seattle's cloud-computing boom is new force driving regional economy. Read more: https://t.co/6aFD7m78tK $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Network Security: Dump That XP Machine from Your Network Now. Read more: https://t.co/KhOP5XwGLc $MSFT
  • Developing new visualizations and analytics using R: Why #Microsoft Dynamics users should g... Read more: https://t.co/g4V2JOycwW $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Eve teams up with Mozo, launches two new sleeves for its Eve V device. Read more: https://t.co/yODg9ykU9j $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Broken Surface Pro 4 Screen: Where to Go and What to Do. Read more: https://t.co/57O6VKTAe1 $MSFT
  • Mass Effect Andromeda will not support #Microsoft's Project Scorpio. Read more: https://t.co/jJZ8c3yBYj $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Immersion's sound-based haptic feedback is making HoloLens mixed reality more real. Read more: https://t.co/CMV9PCZ2lc $MSFT
  • #Microsoft PC version of Halo Wars strategy: Definitive Edition is now available for pre-or... Read more: https://t.co/Ku0gCQ2tdE $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Giveaway: 3 months of Xbox Live Gold from On. Read more: https://t.co/tZsFniWgeL $MSFT
  • Office 365 may be more secure than on-premises services, says #Microsoft. Read more: https://t.co/ew3UX4YEwG $MSFT
  • #Microsoft pulls in no-bid defense contract worth almost $1 billion. Read more: https://t.co/1h5UqeQ0zO $MSFT
  • #Microsoft releases Xbox Live Gamercrest 2016, allows you to check out gaming statistics. Read more: https://t.co/9qeHut6FpC $MSFT
  • #Microsoft getting patent for fingerprint authentication gestures. Read more: https://t.co/psJVbBAUYh $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Complete Edition launches today on Xbox One. Read more: https://t.co/ELo1japbeo $MSFT
  • Deal Alert: #Microsoft reveals Xbox One Countdown Sales, offering discounts up to 60%. Read more: https://t.co/OhJnSeEHA6 $MSFT
  • #Microsoft : TomTom to boost Azure`s location capabilities . Read more: https://t.co/o2S0uCMBK0 $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Vulnerability Threatens Software Licensing. Read more: https://t.co/15hMyr9ygO $MSFT
  • Fun with no numbers: #Microsoft is indefinably great. Read more: https://t.co/xTpMjGxgn2 $MSFT
  • RT @dellakwal: Is there on Analysts left on the street that's Bearish on stocks pls. step forward $SQQQ $TZA $TVIX $SPY $IWM $GS $BAC $AAPL…
  • #Microsoft How to expand your Surface Book's storage the cheap and easy way. Read more: https://t.co/IO8VTkqAVU $MSFT
  • #Microsoft launches preview of new Dynamics NAV development tools. Read more: https://t.co/bs2I5oJjHN $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Creates Google-like Phone Fingerprint Scanner with Gesture Support. Read more: https://t.co/PAUzYGQ1FM $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Boku brings Windows 10 carrier billing to France . Read more: https://t.co/cJtk8eElgE $MSFT
  • U.S. Defense Department won't get direct access to #Microsoft source code after all. Read more: https://t.co/pxzeKJTiIm $MSFT
  • #Microsoft to provide software developers, product teams to DISA under $927M contract. Read more: https://t.co/McoC95LtoH $MSFT
  • Mathilde Bluteau (#Microsoft France): "Women are just as capable as men". Read more: https://t.co/21UgEAsCNz $MSFT
  • #Microsoft: Cloud, LinkedIn Thrill Piper, Morgan Stanley. Read more: https://t.co/MVZNqswAFh $MSFT
  • Steam Winter Sale and #Microsoft Countdown Game Deals begin. Read more: https://t.co/XMwEpSyuId $MSFT
  • Semi-official Windows historian Raymond Chen explains what the Y2k was like at #Microsoft. Read more: https://t.co/koHAIFdCZM $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Skype Mingo: announced the app that combines classic phone calls to those on the... Read more: https://t.co/1eUJzeJiKW $MSFT
  • #Microsoft's Windows Hello to Become More Widely Adopted in 2017. Read more: https://t.co/qzNzbq6oQn $MSFT
  • Want to Learn #Microsoft Office 2016? Start With These Quick Start Guides. Read more: https://t.co/IDfEwnvOrP $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Beam to merge account login with Xbox Live; unveils improvements and new logo. Read more: https://t.co/TWeN6QJdYM $MSFT
  • Taiwan market: #Microsoft unveils BizTalk Server 2016. Read more: https://t.co/ovJcyTzkEr $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Surface accessories, including Type Covers, on sale now in the UK. Read more: https://t.co/LNMNn6KDqs $MSFT
  • #Microsoft is now selling the Lumia 735 for just $129 on its online store. Read more: https://t.co/KtXNY5a4Vh $MSFT
  • #Microsoft In the race to build the best AI, there's already one clear winner. Read more: https://t.co/6zeYBK5Yn9 $MSFT
  • Where are the first 11 #Microsoft employees today? (). Read more: https://t.co/Eo5SZ32ONg $MSFT
  • From the #Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs: New bank reconciliation routine; GP and acquisitions... Read more: https://t.co/xSdILAcSeA $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Cortana for Windows IoT means trouble for Alexa, Assistant. Read more: https://t.co/0ecLPTnQKY $MSFT
  • #Microsoft See how Windows 10 and Surface helped this NGO deliver health care to women in r... Read more: https://t.co/BBNgTbBrAn $MSFT
  • #Microsoft updates Windows 10 developer VMs, use them for free until April 2017. Read more: https://t.co/VkMWSOKm9Y $MSFT
  • Here's What #Microsoft Should Fix on LinkedIn Next Year. Read more: https://t.co/sjLWq2GSgD $MSFT
  • #Microsoft : Free Windows 10 Upgrade Push Was a Lowlight, Says Microsoft CMO . Read more: https://t.co/01YkmCy0OW $MSFT
  • #Microsoft : Aveva, with Microsoft, to deliver new technology workshops for oil and gas lea... Read more: https://t.co/yglRyCcYIP $MSFT
  • #Microsoft : Xbox 2 Project Scorpio Rumored Features And Performance Highlights . Read more: https://t.co/KtAqA37kBS $MSFT
  • #Microsoft : Offers Tool To Help Users Fix The Common Errors Of Windows Update . Read more: https://t.co/RgJUg1ss13 $MSFT
  • #Microsoft is offering over £200 worth of free accessories with Surface Books in the UK. Read more: https://t.co/nltBOCqGrt $MSFT
  • #Microsoft's customer service partner for Lumia releases official app. Read more: https://t.co/AxMcewI3Xn $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Edge Browser started using Brotli. Read more: https://t.co/QZXL4D0WNX $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which Is Right for Your Business? . Read more: https://t.co/BI7RSmFYf0 $MSFT
  • #Microsoft should start selling standalone Surface Studio monitors. Read more: https://t.co/EiDFb2ReZC $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Singapore is the Center for Mega-Data Centers for Cloud Leaders. Read more: https://t.co/H4V20qaklL $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Themes Are Coming to the Windows Store: How to Get Them Now!. Read more: https://t.co/smzfgFhdNC $MSFT
  • From the #Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blogs: Custom fields, biz rules in Dynamics 365; Conquerin... Read more: https://t.co/VesleE8aur $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Vets Launch Rwanda eCommerce Startup. Read more: https://t.co/dMBouOy8gK $MSFT
  • How #Microsoft can fix LinkedIn in 2017. Read more: https://t.co/a6lYy87JxS $MSFT
  • To save Windows 10 Mobile #Microsoft claims Surface 'category creation' is the key. Read more: https://t.co/d1CX4fAc5S $MSFT
  • #Microsoft LinkedIn Products Chief Says Ad Tech Needs To Get More Like Martech. Read more: https://t.co/V9ZabuKXQb $MSFT
  • #Microsoft : feted to be the first trillion dollar tech company . Read more: https://t.co/58nqe5JA9h $MSFT
  • #Microsoft Surface 5 Pro release imminent; current-gen Surface Pro 4 gets big discount in... Read more: https://t.co/s3gBbR0uY9 $MSFT
  • Editor's Choice: IBM And The Future Of Blockchain @valuewalk $IBM Also $MSFT https://t.co/MExTxRQcWs
  • #IBM And The Future Of Blockchain $IBM Also $MSFT https://t.co/kqrWisvVYy
  • Slingshot Bull https://t.co/YaoePh0a0S $AMD $SLB $YELP $MSFT $UMPQ $AMAT $TKAI $NGL $CAVM $HFWA $IPGP $SAH $ACET $PPBI $ROLL $CWH $CNNX
  • BlueCielo Meridian360 Portal Gets a Boost from #Microsoft Go-To-Market Services ... Read more: https://t.co/83S0VFIy5A $MSFT
  • PortfolioBuzz: Why access a ticker when you can access a group of tickers - US Tech Giants https://t.co/uKhEL5u1U8 $AAPL $GOOG $MSFT $FB
  • PortfolioBuzz: Monitor your watchlist of assets for tweets - US Tech Giants https://t.co/uKhEL5u1U8 $AAPL $GOOGL $MSFT $FB


  • https://t.co/WVXW6Z5stE // Acadia Pharmaceuticals $ACAD Strong Buy $EURUSD... // $ACAD #trading #investing #stocks https://t.co/jjHAHEU662
  • RT @1MinuteStock: Wondering about risks of $ACAD? The 63-day volatility is 34.13% https://t.co/HMcblghwyq
  • Wondering about risks of $ACAD? The 63-day volatility is 34.13% https://t.co/HMcblghwyq
  • RT @JohnGernannt: Stocks to watch $ACAD $OCC $CLRB $CNAT movers
  • RT @CyborgQuant: Premarket most active stocks: $ACAD, $CNAT, $TVIX, $BBRY, $NVDA, $XIV, $AAPL, $MU, $QQQ, $FB
  • RT @CyborgQuant: Premarket most advanced stocks: $CNAT, $AKBA, $ACAD, $AUPH, $KMPH, $MACK, $TIG, $NVDA, $CG, $IIJI
  • RT @NiteHawkTrader: Stocks in play this morning $AKBA $CNAT $CLVS $ACAD
  • RT @GGBB90: $Juno $srpt $acad $mnkd Been tweeting about these names 4 wks. Got 2 nibble wen down. How come we buy clothes on sale but not s…
  • RT @stockstreamtv: https://t.co/WVXW6Z5stE // Acadia Pharmaceuticals $ACAD Strong Buy $EURUSD... // $ACAD #trading #investing #stocks http…
  • Focus-list and Setups $ACAD $SGYP $REP $GV $OTIV $WTW $SAGE https://t.co/94u0KZfie1


  • themotleyfool Why 2017 Is the Year to Invest in IoT Stocks #stocks $VZ, $GOOGL, $AMZN, $NXPI, $QCOM, $SFTBF, $GOOG https://t.co/K3bcreKd7f
  • Qualcomm Inc. $QCOM Rating Lowered to Buy at Vetr Inc. https://t.co/GoBo2GiQ8r
  • Why Citi Is Neutral On #Qualcomm, NXP Semi Ahead Of Deal Closing. Read more: https://t.co/m3U8IMj3L7 $QCOM
  • #Qualcomm 5G NR trials to accelerate wide-scale 5G deployments. Read more: https://t.co/CHRsAC8BTX $QCOM
  • #Qualcomm Research Reports on Communication Equipment Equities -- Nokia, QUALCOMM, Ericsson... Read more: https://t.co/upy6zCJWvL $QCOM
  • New Threats Emerge as Broadcom and #Qualcomm Continue to Dominate GNSS IC Vendor Space. Read more: https://t.co/Yjphr6kVih $QCOM
  • Zuk Edge With #Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC and 6GB of RAM Launched. Read more: https://t.co/CePQk8F779 $QCOM
  • Microsoft and #Qualcomm's New Partnership for Low Cost Laptops. Read more: https://t.co/rem4a2fgxN $QCOM
  • Ericsson, #Qualcomm and KPN trial Cat-M1 IoT technology. Read more: https://t.co/89TOsh4Uvc $QCOM
  • Debut mobile processor #Qualcomm Snapdragon 653, 626 and 427. Read more: https://t.co/lewH7OvfwB $QCOM
  • Xiaomi's Mi S could be a small flagship phone based on #Qualcomm's best processor. Read more: https://t.co/d05B7toSQG $QCOM
  • Boston Research & Management Inc. Invests $202,000 in Qualcomm Inc. $QCOM https://t.co/3kliPWntNK
  • RT @BrianDColwell: Why #NXP Is An Excellent Buy Right Now - NXP #Semiconductors (#NASDAQ: $NXPI) https://t.co/4NzDBY5nIl $qcom
  • PortfolioBuzz: Follow #Nasdaq 100 traders & track their tweets under one watchlist $AMGN $QCOM … https://t.co/FcY65ZiOYL


  • Slingshot Bull https://t.co/YaoePh0a0S $AMD $SLB $YELP $MSFT $UMPQ $AMAT $TKAI $NGL $CAVM $HFWA $IPGP $SAH $ACET $PPBI $ROLL $CWH $CNNX
  • RT @MarketCurrents: Citi adds Applied to Focus List, upgrades Lam, downgrades Teradyne http://t.co/hosO6MdnRP $AMAT $LRCX $TER $TOELF
  • RT @MarketCurrents: Berenberg bullish on Applied and Lam, cautious on KLA and ASML http://t.co/B0Y7DXhNjy $AMAT $LRCX $TOELF $KLAC
  • 4 Large-Cap Tech Stocks That Crushed The Market In 2016 $CGNX $AMAT $NVDA $AVGO Also $XLK https://t.co/prpK1XCnIb
  • Do you know that #Book Value for $AMAT is $6.7 https://t.co/tioE3NqJty
  • $AMD $NVDA $TSEM $MU $ACIA $AMAT $OCLR of all these plays i can't believe $ON isn't TRENDING as it loos like a text book Brkout coming SOON.
  • 4 Large-Cap Tech Stocks That Crushed The Market In 2016 $CGNX $AMAT $NVDA $AVGO Also $XLK https://t.co/NrZZ0RMfuJ
  • Ready to invest? $AMAT is definitely worth checking out today! https://t.co/VvenNpH7Dv #data #entrepreneur
  • Best #Semiconductor #Stocks According To A Winning Ranking System: Consider Applied Materials $AMAT Also $SOX $QQQ https://t.co/vTSFuXjQ6q


  • RT @BAMMERPICS: $adxs $exad $owcp $dow $gmcr $sbux $dnkn $jva $jamn $bcci $peet $cbou #dx $jnug $sino $sxl $bud $tlsa $fb $twtr $gpro 4 m F…
  • RT @BAMMERPICS: $adxs $exad $owcp $dow $gmcr $sbux $dnkn $jva $jamn $bcci $peet $cbou #dx $jnug $sino $sxl $bud $tlsa $fb $twtr $gpro 4 m F…
  • $adxs $exad $owcp $dow $gmcr $sbux $dnkn $jva $jamn $bcci $peet $cbou #dx $jnug $sino $sxl $bud $tlsa $fb $twtr… https://t.co/nuTIRY2Ez0
  • RT @OptionRunners: Lot of notable options activity today. In particular $DNKN with bullish risk reversals in Jan and March. Nice technical…


  • BUY #Fossil Group, Inc., $FOSL. Target: 28.42 (+7.45%). https://t.co/n0WRzg48DP #trading #stocks #investing
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s PYPL p 39.58 o 39.82 a2 8285110
s MSFT p 63.24 o 63.45 a2 28201400
s ACAD p 29.75 o 27.63 a2 2743540
s QCOM p 66.86 o 66.89 a2 10206700
s AMAT p 32.90 o 32.92 a2 11679400
s DNKN p 53.59 o 53.85 a2 1313860
s FOSL p 26.45 o 26.40 a2 952773
s SAVE p 58.78 o 58.51 a2 1229060
s YHOO p 38.66 o 38.46 a2 10338900
s AMBA p 55.46 o 54.33 a2 994092
s CALM p 44.95 o 41.15 a2 524245
s FTNT p 29.17 o 28.60 a2 2737610
s TTWO p 49.88 o 49.22 a2 1803780
s XIV p 49.44 o 49.25 a2 20508000
s BBBY p 40.77 o 41.30 a2 2503500
s ACWX p 39.97 o 39.95 a2 846530