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The TEG, ThermoElectric Generator or Thermocouple Electric Generator, is my project to build a device to directly convert a temperature differential into a power source.


The Mark 1 is a device that can be powered via a few candles, an alcohol stove (main intention), or a twig fire. The goal is to produce at 5 volts at a minimum of 0.5 Amps–the idea being this is enough to charge and/or power a usb device.


part price quantity total link Notes
Thermocouples $3.41 x10 $34.10
Heatsinks + Fans $12.01 x10 $120.10 My preference would be to salvage these out of waste computers
Rectifier x x1 x A mains rectifier from radioshack will be more than good enough I already have some of these lying around from dissecting old power bricks.
Voltmeter $5.60 x1 $5.60
Ammeter $5.40 x1 $5.40
Booster Converter $3.90 x1 $3.90
Total with Heatsinks + Fans $169.10
Total without Heatsinks + Fans 49.00

Note: I probably could and should just have a switch (DPDT) to switch between input and output voltages and amps.


The Mark 2 ramps up power and size. It's intended to run off a large external heat source such as a gas stove or large wood fire. It's intention is to produce enough power (12v @ 4 Amps) to power and charge a Samsung 3 Chromebook.