The Art of Peace

Do more than your fair share.
Do not keep count.
Do not hold it against anyone.
There is no “balance.”

Be fair in your judgements.

Be lenient in receiving other’s judgements.

For every impasse, decide:
Change what you cannot accept.
Accept what you cannot change.




If you cannot think of anything to say,
repeat what you’ve heard in your own words so as to convey that you understand.

Practice reflexive empathy:
Observe the emotional state.
Say what you have observed.
Ask why you think this state has arisen.

The reward is not the goal,
it is an unbidden benefit.

The journey is intrinsic,
there can be no journey without a destination
but the destination is not of utmost importance

Do not make promises you cannot keep.

As a general rule, it is not better to be right than in the right.

Your time and patience being of limited supply:

For those important to you,
Be generous.

For those operating at your behest,
Allocate what is appropriate.
Do not exceed this allocation.

For those outside your community,
Be frugal.
Do not let those without consideration co-opt your limited resources.