House on Temple

Organize my thoughts and plans for the house on Temple Ln.

Next Up

Little stuff

  • Finish the Library
    • Couch Bought!
    • Rug ← will probably move the rug from the living room and buy a new rug
    • Finish fixing the shelves (they're fixed and I don't want to waste any more time or money patching the old shelves… eventually they will be rebuilt entirely)
  • Drink Fridge (Picked out and installed spring 2015)
  • Finish Freezer Cabinet
  • Freezer
  • Replace Mailbox + mailbox numbers (Completed summer 2015)
  • Double-decker under-cabinet gliders; move the current ones to under the bar.
  • Wiring for garbage disposal

Big stuff

$1,000+ and/or multi-day projects.

  • Workshop! (ETA Summer 2015)
  • New doors complete with new hings and handles (ETA depends on workshop, possibly Summer 2015)
  • Re-do the pipes (ugh)
  • Build a screened-in deck off the library (ETA Summer 2016)
  • French Doors (or accordion french doors) for the dining room
  • Tankless water heater and external furnace (so the utility room can be expanded into)
  • Remodel the second bathroom, possibly the laundry room too
  • Renovate the Library
    • New flooring
    • Rebuild the shelves
    • French Doors for the library
  • Crown Molding everywhere (possibly done in patches as part of other reno work)
  • Renovate office
    • Upper cabinetry
    • Desk for Hannah
    • Shelf and tech movement
  • New car for Hannah (ETA 2017?) Car died October 2014; Replacement immediately bought.


  • Library
    • Shelves
    • Floor
    • Crown Molding
    • Repaint
  • HVAC and water heater
    • We want to completely replace our heating and cooling system with an outdoor HVAC. We'd like to install a continuous flow water heater. This frees most of the space in utility closet (will still need an air-return there). This includes putting in all new duct work.
  • ESRA
    • ESRA gave an estimate on a bunch of sealing and other home efficiency stuff. Once the HVAC and water heater have been moved to the outside, we want to do everything that still applies on this estimate. Also have a ridge and eave vents installed.
  • YES! Solar
    • Get some dang solar panels installed. This might be worth financing – effectively replacing our power bill with a loan payment. The panels will pay for themselves in 10 years, I'd like to do a 5 year loan.
  • Cut an opening between the two attic areas so that the dining room access can be closed off.
    • Not sure if this is actually feasible – might need to have someone come out and tell me if there's a reason (air flow?) not to do this.
  • Remodel the laundry area and guest bathroom.
    • Taking space from the former utility closet and current laundry area, remodel the guest bathroom to include two sinks/vanities. A regular tub-shower and a laundry area.
  • Remove the old decking. Build a deck that spans between the kitchen and library doors. Build a screened in area around the library area. Replace the back doors with french doors.
  • Office
    • Create a more organized and compatible space in the library where both Hannah and I can work, plus that is slightly more kid friendly
    • Upper cabinetry to be mostly salvaged from Habitat, with supplimentary pieces from Target, Lowes, etc
    • Draft of primary changes can be seen here
    • Extra projects include:
      • Convert “bench for sitting” into fabric filer
      • Make extra-thick padded cover for folding tables that can be used for cutting and ironing during sewing projects
      • Refinish armoire and move in for extra storage



We want really nice solid hardwood doors. Since these are like $400 minimum and as much as $1000 to buy pre-made, we're going to try making them ourselves.

Let's go ahead and bite off more than we can chew and replace the framing/molding as well. Something like this: http://www.houzz.com/photos/389282

Tools Needed (to be obtained):

  • Workshop
  • Table Planer
  • Router (for carving out the mortises
  • Giant clamps


  • Wood. Lots of wood. Probably oak.
  • Doorknobs and hinges

Below this line is preserved for historical data. :)


  • Call to get Estimate for gas line installation
  • Call to get water switched.

Day of Closing

  • Sign all paperwork with Meece and sellers (3:00)
  • Return to Temple for information collection and “yay new house” photo
    • Number of switch covers
    • Number of outlet covers
    • Number of blanks
    • Chair rail measurement (height from floor)
  • Lowe's for first round of home-improvement goods
    • Paint + painting supplies
      • Power roller system
      • Painter's tape
      • Paint for each room
        • “Theme” color (plus hallway)
        • Filoli Carriage House: 6003-1C
          • Number of Gallons:
        • Trim Color
        • Lemon Edge: 7003-23
          • Number of Gallons:
        • Great Room
          • Bell Grove Aloe Green: 5006-5B
            • Number of Gallons:
        • Hobby Room
          • Lucy Blue: 5001-5C
            • Number of Gallons:
        • Second Bath
          • Wallpaper
        • Library
          • Iris Blossom: 1001-5C
            • Number of Gallons:
        • Guest Bedroom
            • Number of Gallons:
        • Nursery
          • Grasshopper: 6007-7B
            • Number of Gallons:
        • Master Bedroom
          • Sonic Plum: 4002-10C
            • Number of Gallons:
        • Master Bathroom
          • Wallpaper
    • Counter refinishing materials
      • Chisel
      • Belt sander
      • Sanding belts
      • Poly
      • Wax
      • Steel Wool #00
      • Tung Oil
    • Molding + molding supplies
      • Chair rail
      • Laser level
      • Construction adhesive (contractor pack)
      • Nails
    • Other tools
      • 5 gallon bucket of joint compound
  • Celebratory “look at how adult we are” dinner

Prior to Move-in

  • Gas line ran for stove
  • New Stove
  • New Hood and hood installation (from and by lowes)

During Transition

  • Refinish counters
    • Tools
      • Chisel
      • Hammer
      • Belt sander
      • Screw Drivers
      • Wrench
    • Materials
      • Sanding belts
      • Tung oil
      • Polyurethane
      • wax
    • Steps
      1. Remove sink
      2. Remove tiles
      3. Sand (120 grit then 160 grit)
      4. Oil (Tung oil, 3 coats minimum followed by steel wool)
      5. Polyurethane seal
      6. Wax coating
  • Tile Backsplash
    • Tools
      • Screw Drivers
      • Masonry Saw
      • Trowel
      • Sponge
      • Bucket
    • Materials
      • Tiles
      • Grout
      • Joint compound (for repairing backing wall)
    • Steps
      1. Remove wall plates
      2. Remove random weird crap from wall (like cork)
      3. Patch and smooth out any rough spots with joint compound
      4. Figure out tile placement, have pieces cut and ready
      5. Apply mortar to wall working in 3 sqft units
      6. Apply tile
      7. Apply grout
      8. Wipe tiles down with sponge to remove grout
      9. Regret deciding to tile ourselves
  • Paint
    • Tools
    • Materials
      • Alcohol (for cleaning)
      • Paint (duh)
      • Tape

After Move-in

  • Baseboard molding
  • Chair rail molding
  • Wallpaper Wallpapering is hard! We'll do 2-tone walls instead. Maybe with picture framing.


  • Replace all the light bulbs with bright warm bulbs.
    • 40W = 600 Lumens; 100W = 1500 Lumens
  • Replace Mailbox + mailbox numbers
  • Replace internal doors
  • Built-in upright freezer
  • Fancy-shamncy drawer gliders
  • Fancy-shmancy under-cabinet gliders (for trash cans and such)


Appliance Price
Dishwasher $539
Freezer $629.10
Fridge $1,394.10
Stove 1,299.00
Hood $599
Total $4,460.10

Additional costs: Hood installation, gas line installation.

Gas line: $624 (includes taxes and permits)

Estimated Remain Costs


  • Gas line: 624 - paid
  • Stove: 1299 - paid
  • Electrical: ??? (Hoping for $2k) only $680! paid!
  • Tile Backsplash: 1000 - paid only about $200
  • Bev Fridge: 200 - bought, but… not working


  • Freezer: 629
  • Fridge: 1,394.10
  • Dish washer: 539
  • Hood: 599 + install cost (no idea…)

Est Total: $3,161